About me

  • Born in Seattle, WA in 1963 (I’ll let you do the math)
  • Raised a Navy kid—Dad was a Navy Chaplain, in fact. Our family tended to move an average of every two years, so grew up in Washington, Oregon, California, Kentucky, Tennessee, Hawaii, Virginia. 
  • Graduated Asbury College in KY with a B.A in English; recently completed my M.A in American History from American Public University.
  • Worked for many years at CTB McGraw-Hill in Monterey, CA; also did volunteer work with the museum at Mission San Carlos Borromeo in Carmel, CA.
Interests include sports (particularly baseball and basketball), hiking, traveling, sometimes cartooning (once aspired to be a cartoonist), coin collecting, visiting historical places and… writing.
  • Married my lovely wife, Elsie in 2009, and shortly thereafter moved to the Bay Area where I divide my time between freelance writing and teaching history classes at SUM Bible College in Oakland, CA.
  • Published articles COINS magazine, several numismatic articles for WikiCollectibles.com, and several feature articles for Bay Area children’s news magazine, The Firecracker Weekly. As for my book publications, those are discussed in the website’s other tabs.

Feel free to peruse this website to learn about my current and past books, and perhaps check out my blog as well (which I will TRY to keep updated).