Other Published Works

Uncovered: The Lost Coins of Early America (2006)
This 252-paged non-fiction book was put out in 2006 by Xulon Publishing. If anyone is interested in coins and American history—particularly c. 1492 to 1820 American history—this is your book. Herein are several chapters devoted to coins with million-dollar histories, yet can actually be purchased (for the most part) for less than the price of a movie with popcorn! These would be coins associated with Christopher Columbus, the “Lost Colony” of Roanoke Island, Spanish Florida, Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, mission period California, as well as coins that have associations with pirates, the Salem Witch Trials, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and more.  As a decade or so has passed, some of the information could use some updating, but for the most part, what I wrote in 2006 still holds true today, even the pricing!  While I was never thrilled with how the illustrations came out, I still maintain that the information is valuable.
 Madame (2011)
 The summary goes like this:  For centuries, a preserve known as “The Royal Lands” was France’s version of “Area 51.” Soldiers guarded the perimeter, and only they and specially authorized royalty were allowed inside.  But what was being kept there? Speculation ranged from military armaments to monsters. In 1718, a young scientist, Jean du Vivier, accepts a post inside The Royal Lands. Like everyone else, Jean is anxious to discover what is hidden inside the preserve. But what Jean finds inside the walls of The Royal Lands is more horrifying than he could ever have imagined.
This short historical thriller, published by Malachite Quills in 2011, is currently available only on Kindle and Barnes-Noble Nook. Granted, this story is pretty strange—it originated from a daydream I had during a class in middle school. My wandering mind (I must have been really bored) imagined this bizarre creature that resembled something from one of those 18th century British illustrations where everyone looks creepy.  So I combined this daydream, my interest in 18th century history, and my love of coins, all into one off-kilter tale.  No deep messages or lessons here—just kind of an eerie campfire story type book.